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Summer has arrived and we are ready for all the fun!  Exciting STEM updates are coming your way. As the temperature rises this month, get ready for some hot science news from us! June’s Summer Solstice! On June 20, 2024,… Read More »Bringing the Heat and STEM to June!

May is a time for celebration, often centered around the beauty and fertility of the earth. Traditions, such as May Day, revolve around the theme of spring and renewal and welcoming the growth the season promises. May is not only a… Read More »Growth and Abundance! May 2024

Shared Science Students

April is derived from the Latin word “aperire,” meaning “to open,” which aligns with the season of blossoming trees and flowers in April. Just like flowers blooming and leaves unfurling, this month marks the beginning of new growth. In the… Read More »Opening up with STEM this April!

March has arrived! It’s a month that signifies fresh starts and reproduction for humans, plants, and animals. Dive in to discover some fascinating STEM facts about March! The Awakening in March Did you know animals typically emerge from hibernation in… Read More »Marching Into New Beginnings! March 2024

February is the month of love, let’s keep our hearts pumping with some STEM-ulating fun facts plus a hands-on activity. Also 2009-2024, we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary! and look forward to providing STEM ed and resources to kids throughout the… Read More »STEM for the Heart! February 2024

Shared Science 2023 recap

Let’s welcome the new year, 2024! It’s our 15th Anniversary as a STEM ed nonprofit and we have all the plans in place to connect students to new hands-on STEM activities and possibilities. Great things and fun facts come in “24”,… Read More »Welcoming in the Year of 2024! January 2024

Shared Science December 2023 Students

December is a time for joy, celebration, and gifts! As our gift to you, we’ve compiled some fascinating STEM facts. Read on to discover what’s happening this winter in the world of STEM! December’s Winter Solstice! The hibernal solstice, also… Read More »Winter Time STEM! December 2023