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Bringing the Heat and STEM to June!

Summer has arrived and we are ready for all the fun!  Exciting STEM updates are coming your way. As the temperature rises this month, get ready for some hot science news from us!

June’s Summer Solstice!

On June 20, 2024, the summer solstice will take place at its earliest moment since 1796! The summer solstice happens when one of Earth’s poles is tilted most significantly toward the sun, occurring twice a year due to Earth’s tilt. The summer solstice falls also represents the longest day and shortest night of the year!

Link to Article: The summer solstice – What is it and when does it occur? | Space

Why sunsets look red!

Throughout the day, after enjoying our summer activities, we are treated to the beauty of sunsets! Have you ever wondered why sunsets look red? During this time, sunlight travels through a wider portion of the atmosphere, causing more scattering of blue light. Since red light has the longest wavelength, a higher amount of red light reaches the Earth, giving the sun and sky a red hue during sunsets.

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A Great Summer STEM Activity

During the summer season, here’s an engaging STEM activity for kids to explore! Why not do the Build a Boat STEM Challenge? Whether you’re by the pool or lake with your children, consider creating a boat using recycled materials. It’s an excellent opportunity to use engineering concepts while having fun!

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