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STEM for the Heart! February 2024

February is the month of love, let’s keep our hearts pumping with some STEM-ulating fun facts plus a hands-on activity. Also 2009-2024, we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary! and look forward to providing STEM ed and resources to kids throughout the LB community. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to bring our programs to your school or neighborhood too. Read on!

 Fun Facts About Your Heart

Did you know that your heart beats more than 100,000 times a day? It’s true! Plus, your heart is roughly the size of your fist and is guarded by your ribs and breastbone.

Link To Article:24 Fun Facts About the Heart (

The Effects of the “Love Hormone”

Oxytocin, widely known as the “love hormone”, plays a significant role in increasing feelings of trust, empathy, and attachment between individuals. Its effects are particularly strong in promoting social bonding behavior among loved ones.

Link To Article:Oxytocin: The love hormone – Harvard Health

A Fun Valentines STEM Activity

Valentines Marbled Cards 

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to get your students interested in STEM. One fun experiment involves using shaving cream and food coloring to make marbled cards or bookmarks while learning about hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances. To make it more personal, encourage your students to create a wax resist on the paper using crayons and to add a Valentine’s message or heart before pressing it into the marbling mixture.

Link To Article:12 Valentine’s Day STEM Activities | Science Buddies Blog

Introducing Our 2024 Social Media Challenge!

We’re excited to announce our latest social media challenge for students – an opportunity for them to showcase their learning and earn a free Shared Science t-shirt! To participate, all they need to do is create a video sharing a STEM fact they’ve learned, tag Shared Science, and include our designated hashtags. This is a fantastic way for students to spread knowledge and make a meaningful impact!

A Few Fun STEM Moments from this Month!