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Opening up with STEM this April!

April is derived from the Latin word “aperire,” meaning “to open,” which aligns with the season of blossoming trees and flowers in April. Just like flowers blooming and leaves unfurling, this month marks the beginning of new growth. In the spirit of opening up, we are excited to share some amazing STEM news with you!

The Lyrid Meteor Shower

Something amazing is happening! The Lyrid meteor shower, the oldest recorded meteor shower, is set to begin on April 14, 2024, just a day before the First Quarter, and will reach its peak on April 22-23, aligning perfectly with the Full Moon.

Link to Article: Lyrid meteor shower 2024: When and where to see it | Royal Observatory Greenwich (

April Showers

The emergence and blossoming of plants in April are actually influenced by the April showers! The rainfall and increasing temperatures in April play a crucial role in nurturing flower growth, particularly for perennials that have been inactive during the extended, chilly winter period.

Link to Article: Why is April the month of showers (

The Journey of Birds’

Following the blossoming in April, the birds also make their appearance by spreading their wings. April is not just the time when birds head north for the summer mating season, but also the beginning of courting and nesting activities.

Link to Article: Spring Bird Migration for Beginning BirdersDonna L. Long (