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The Return of El Nino, The Lost Titan Submarine, and the Benefits of Project Based Learning for STEM activities. June 2023

This month, Shared Science celebrated both LGBTQ+ month and Juneteenth, further emphasizing our dedication for people of all backgrounds to be included and recognized in the field of STEM. In the news, there were a number of fascinating stories, including a submarine lost at sea, changes in the Pacific Ocean’s temperature, and new approaches to STEM education. Keep reading to learn more!

The Return of El Nino

Scientists officially declare that El Nino, a phenomenon that takes place every 2-7 years, has arrived! El Nino causes an increase in sea surface temps in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, impacting rainfall patterns, potentially causing droughts and deluges in unexpected parts of our globe.

Link to Full Article:El Niño is officially here, scientists say | Space

The Titan Submarine Disaster and its Effects on Space tourism 

On June 18th, a submarine tourist visit to the Titanic ended catastrophically. The event has prompted scientists to reevaluate safety measures for future space tourism, calling for guaranteed safety oversight of dangerous exploration trips.

Link to Full Article:Submarine could explore seas of huge Saturn moon Titan | Space

Using Project Based Learning to Teach STEM

Shared Science has been integrating hands-on projects into its programming since our beginning. Project Based Learning activities in STEM can help students make stronger learning connections. For example, growing plants in mini greenhouses can teach kids about the carbon cycle, while building LEGO structures can help them experience more technical topics like design engineering. PBL enables students to develop new skills and apply what they learned to everyday situations.

Link to Full Article:17 Examples of STEM Project Based Learning Activities (