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The First Supermoon Arrival, The Hottest Day in July, and 2 STEM Activities to Beat the Heat! July 2023

Shared Science made summer fun with exciting STEM activities, reveled on the first supermoon in July, felt the hottest global temperature recorded, and is offering up two cool STEM activities perfect for the summertime!

The Hottest Day in July

On July 3, the average global temperature had the highest temperature ever recorded, since August 2016!  Temps reached 17.01° Celsius (62.62° Fahrenheit) and scientists say that this extreme increase is due to human caused climate change and the natural climate phenomenon called El Nino.

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The beginning of the Supermoon Cycle

On July 3rd, the Full moon, known as the Buck moon, arose and made an appearance. The Buck Moon received its name because it is the season when male deer (bucks) regrow their antlers. This full moon is the first of four consecutive supermoons that will appear over the next few months. The series will end with September’s Full Corn Moon on September 2nd!

Link to Article: July’s Full Buck Moon, the 1st of 4 supermoons this summer, rises tonight | Space

2 STEM activities to keep cool this summer

Keep your kids engaged and entertained during the summer heat with two fun activities. First, try making ice cream in a bag!  STEM kids learn how salt melts ice, and they can create their own delicious treat. Second, STEM kids can decorate, and race popsicle sticks in a paddling pool to explore surface tension.  Both activities are sure to keep your children happy and occupied!

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